Redefine your perception of the dreaded dentist.

From evaluation and diagnosis to treatment planning and prevention, Redefine Dental will restore and enhance the dazzle in your smile while taking innovative measures to avoid future complications.

With your overall health and well-being in mind, we provide a comforting atmosphere for you to relax while we clean, whiten, or renew your smile.

Our practice offers unusual solace for patients at our Virginia and Ballito, where you will be treated to a spa-like environment that takes the drama out of dentistry.

Lounging in a luxurious chair, you’re pampered with Netflix, plush blankets, lush aromas, tasty mouthwash, and dreamy neck pillows.

Gone are the loud noises, harsh lights, and pungent smells so common to the standard experience. We’ve replaced them with noise-cancelling headphones, soft lighting, and the soothing scents of essential oils.